Feasibility Study for the Tourism
Development of Crete


Investigation of existing conditions as they influence the tourist development of the island, regarding the economy  of  Crete,  the  tourist  potential  including detailed  inventory  of  the  tourist  resources  of  the island,  the  climate,  the  existing  infrastructure  and communications, the transport, the evaluation of the level  of  tourist  development  and  installations,  the anticipated  flow  of  tourists  in  the  island  to  satisfy future demand, the planning and programming of all necessary installations and facilities.

Preparation  of  estimated  cost  of  implementing  the proposed  program  and  evaluation  of  the  economic impact  of  the  proposed  development  in  terms  of primary and secondary benefits, benefit-cost ratio and feasibility.

Preparation of a detailed program for implementing the proposed scheme, including methods of financing the various projects and the organizational framework for the administration and the implementation of the program.

The  project  was  undertaken  at  the  request  of  the Greek Ministry of Coordination.

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