Project Management for the conversion of the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) of the 2004 Olympic Games into a high-end shopping mall, comprising 3 floors of commercial stores and dining areas and 2 underground parking levels, on account of LAMDA DEVELOPMENT S.A.

During the first phase, the construction works were realized according to Frank Basil’s construction management process in co-operation with several subcontractors, whereas the second phase (fillings & wall claddings) was executed by J&P-AVAX as a general contractor.

The shopping mall expands over a total surface of 75.000 m2 and its architectural design was elaborated by AS.P.A. S.A. The project works commenced in July, 2007 and lasted 16 months.

Total surface: 75.000 m2
Starting Date: July 2007
Project Duration: 16 months


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