Highway Patrol Facilities
Saudi Arabia

The Highway Patrol Department of the Ministry of Interior provides complete coverage of the major highway routes throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 47 Patrol stations interconnected by 100 communications relay sites. BASIL carried out the site surveys, master planning and complete architectural and engineering design of the project including landscaping, interiors, warehouse facilities and all utilities.

Α. Each Patrol Station is a self-contained community for approximately 80 staff and their families Β. A further six Highway Patrol Stations are operated by a staff of 150 to 200 people.
1) Headquarters2) Dormitories for Officers and Personnel.

3) Family Housing Units

4) Restaurant

5) Pharmacy

6) Mosque and Imam’s residence

7) Power Plant

8) Vehicle Maintenance Depot

9) Fire Station

10) Garage for cars and trucks

11) Fuel Storage Facility

12) Entrance Checkpoint

13) Ammunition storage and other support facilities

1) Regional Headquarters Building 2) Dormitories for Officers and Personnel

3) Housing for Officers and Personnel

4) Fire Station

5) Vehicle Maintenance Buildings

6) Officers Club and Restaurant

7) Commercial Center

8) Large Mosque and Imam’s residence

9) Pharmacy

10) Housing for doctors and nursing staff and all
necessary support facilities

C. The Highway Patrol Headquarters in Riyadh are designed for a community of 3000 people and include all the above-mentioned facilities as well as:
1) 3,000 sq m Administration Building 2) Gymnasiums and swimming pools

3) Large Mosque for 600 worshippers

4) Officers and staff training buildings

5) Student Dormitories

6) Power Plant

7) Villas for the Commanding Officer and Assistant Commanding Officer

8) Warehousing

9) Maintenance Facilities

The project comprises 45 different types of buildings servicing a population of between 7,000 and 8,000 people at a cost of 2 billion dollars.

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