Military Base Tabuk 
Saudi Arabia


The King Abdul Aziz Military Base at Tabuk is one of the largest and most important projects undertaken by BASIL in Saudi Arabia.

The firm was responsible for all field work as well as the master planning, architectural and engineering design and construction management of the base which includes a modern city for a population of 20,000 people with housing, schools, shelters, operations and maintenance facilities as well as utilities and infrastructure.

Details of some of the most important facilities are featured below:

150 MW Power Plant with high temperature hot water co-generation system.

Sewage Treatment Plant with a 16,000 cubic meter capacity per day. Re-cycled water from the plant is used to irrigate the green areas of the city.


Underground and surface fuel storage tanks supply the heating and energy requirements of the city.

The extensive city road network and the 160 kilometer four-lane highway system.

The housing facility for a population of 20,000 includes 1,850 villas, dormitories for 3,000 personnel, schools for 8,000 students and recreational facilities. There is a commercial center with a supermarket, bank, a 1,800 seat auditorium, TV and radio stations, shops and a civil court. Also, a 100-bed hospital with outpatient clinics and a nursery unit. The sports facility is designed to Olympic specifications and includes a gymnasium, playing fields, courts, a swimming pool and a stadium for 10,000 spectators.

Infrastructure support facilities include administration buildings, warehouses, central refrigerated food storage, laundries and maintenance facilities for tanks, armoured vehicles and cars, as well as all public utilities.

Religious buildings, such as the main mosque for 2,000 worshippers, as well as many smaller neighbourhood mosques cover a total area of 10,000 square meters.

The 120,000 square meter Central Command complex.

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