Missile Range and American Naval Base 
Souda, Crete

BASIL has been involved in the design of the facilities of the American Naval Base at Souda for many years, starting in 1962 when the firm undertook the NATO Missile Firing Range installation. Works have since included the design of new buildings, the updating and refurbishment of existing ones, the construction of network systems (roads, water supply, irrigation, sewage disposal, electrical supply and telecommunications). The projects have involved architectural, engineering, mechanical and electrical and landscape design, as well as consulting and construction supervision.


A brief outline of the most important design projects, out of a total of over 200, carried out by BASIL during the last ten years:

Building facilities totaling 27,500 sq m (dormitories, information processing centers, administration buildings, warehouses, recreational facilities and refectories, transportation centers).

Aircraft shelters, workshops, vehicle and aircraft maintenance facilities, fuel storage depots, Air Force telecommunications center, totaling 50,000 sq m.

Sports Centers totaling 15,000 sq m.

Naval Base Clinic, supermarket, fire station, Naval Base police station and hazardous waste storage, totaling an area of 7,500 sq m.

Electrical installations, landscaping, water supply system, architectural and interior design. Main entrance to the Base.

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