Project management

- Review of construction documents for quality and completeness along with coordination and   compatibility studies of all architectural and engineering disciplines.

- Review constructability of project design.

- Review of design criteria provided from clients, design documents, design specifications and   identifying   potential conflicts or discrepancies.

- Providing alternatives and solutions to infeasible design and specification proposals.

- Continuous on site observation of the project’s execution and progress.

- On site observation to ensure project procedures comply to state laws and standards of the
industry in regards to security, hygiene and environmental protection.

- Supervision of the compliance to the project quality program.

- Project progress reports using photographic images.

- Day to day interaction and provisions of additional requirements by contractor, suppliers and/or   manufacturers.

- Preview and verification of the project’s bill of quantities, contractor’s/ suppliers proposals and   invoices.

- Assembling the facilities’ operation and maintenance manuals.

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