The King Faizal Air Force Academy and Air Force Base
Saudi Arabia

This project carried out by BASIL is one of the largest military installations of its kind in the world. The firm was responsible for selecting the 600 square kilometer site, as well as undertaking the geo-physical investigations, master planning, architectural and engineering design of the entire project as well as the interior design and furnishings of all facilities which include the Air Force Academy, Military Airport, Housing and Utilities.

The Air Force Academy is designed for the training of 1,500 Royal Saudi Air Force cadets. The Academy has three colleges and includes classrooms, dormitories, refectories, sports center, recreational areas and religious buildings. Also, an Aeronautical Museum, planetarium, library and test cell facilities. The facilities are housed in one integrated multi-level structure located on a 230,000 square meter site.

The airport complex is one of the largest military installations in the world. Its primary mission is to provide tactical airlift facilities as well as serve as the main operating base for AWACS aircraft in Saudi Arabia. It includes three complete military airport systems, six runways, telecommunications and security systems incorporating the latest NAVAIDS technology. Also, an administration center and underground aircraft maintenance and operational facilities.

The Community facilities are designed for a population of 50,000 and include 5,788 villas, housing units for 5,280 personnel, 31 mosques and schools for 15,000 students, a 300-bed hospital and recreational facilities. The commercial center includes a supermarket, bank, auditorium, studios, shops and a civil court. The sports center is designed to Olympic specifications and includes a gymnasium, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a swimming pool and a stadium for 15,000 spectators. The entire facility in square meters is as follows:

Houses 1.494.000 sq.m.
Bachelor Housing 208.000 sq.m.
Mosques 103.000 sq.m.
Schools 298.000 sq.m.
Hospital and Support Facilities 58.000 sq.m.
Housing Support Facilities 71.000 sq.m.
Sports Facilities 68.000 sq.m.
Maintenance Facilities 7.000 sq.m.
Total 2.307.000 sq.m.


Utilities include a 300 MW combined cycle power plant, a 20,000 cubic meter capacity sewage treatment plant, a 30,000 cubic meter capacity water treatment plant, a 300-kilometer road network system, central warehousing, maintenance and fuel storage facilities. The project in terms of statistics is as follows:

Site 600 square kilometers
Built Area 3.1million sq meters
Number of Buildings 6.376
Roads 430 kilometers
Rail Road 32 kilometers
Main – Taxi Runways & Aircraft Shelters 4.8 million sq m
Population Design Capacity 50.000
Power Plant Capacity 200 Μ\W
Water Supply 28.400 cu m per day
Sewage Disposal 18.900 cu m per day
Fuel Storage 27 million gallons

This project was undertaken in association with Consulting Engineers Dar Al Riyadh of Saudi Arabia

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