Weapons Firing Range Sulayyil 
Saudi Arabia

The Weapons Firing Range at Sulayyil is another large-scale military project carried out by BASIL in Saudi Arabia. The project included soils investigations, master planning and architectural design of buildings and facilities including four weapons firing ranges, target tracking and control radars, air surveillance radar, as well as classrooms for training 12,500 personnel. The main facilities are as follows:


120-MW power plant.

5,000 cu m per day capacity Sewage Treatment Plant. Re-cycled water from the plant is distributed to irrigate the city green spaces.

Underground and surface fuel tanks with a storage capacity of 20,000,000 liters supply the energy needs of the city as well as tanks and armored vehicles.

An extensive road network system connects the four weapons firing ranges and a two-lane highway links the ranges to the military city.

Support facilities include administration buildings, warehousing, central frozen food storage, laundries, target and missile maintenance facilities and all public utilities.

Religious buildings include the main mosque for 2,000 worshippers. Also smaller mosques are located in each neighborhood.

Central administration complex of 50,000 sq m.

Community facilities for a population of 12,500 include 2,000 villas, dormitory units totalling 100,000 sq m schools for 2,000 students, a commercial center and recreational facilities. The commercial center includes a supermarket, bank, 1,800 seat auditorium, studios, television and radio stations, shops, sports centers, a swimming pool designed to Olympic specifications, playing fields, tennis and volley-ball courts and a gymnasium.

A fully equipped 200-bed hospital with outpatient clinics and nursery wing.

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