Youth Sports Centers
Saudi Arabia

A comprehensive program to provide athletic facilities for  11  clubs  initially  (four  in  Riyadh,  two  each  in Dammam  and  Jeddah  and  one  each  in  Meccah, Madinah and AI Khobar) and for 21additional ones in the future.

Each facility, of approximately 100,000 sq. meter total area, includes: a soccer field with a 400-meter 6-lane track,  grandstand  with  a  seating  capacity  for  5,000 spectators, gymnasium, 25×16 meter indoor swimming pool,  tennis  courts,  youth  hostel,  cafeteria,  library lounge, lecture hall, athletic equipment shops, offices, car parking and other ancillary facilities.

The  project  was  undertaken,  in  Joint  Venture partnership with Dar AI Riyadh Consulting Engineers, at the  request  of  the  Saudi  Arabian  Ministry  of  Youth Welfare.

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