To deliver successfully completed projects with regard to quality, time & cost, meeting the highest professional requirements and high design standards, thus fulfilling every client’s expectations.


BASIL was established in 1958 by Frank E. Basil, a Civil Engineer graduate, to provide professional services in Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering, Architecture and Construction Management. Today, the firm is respected and recognized nationally and abroad, as one of the most distinguished firms offering high quality Project & Construction Management Services and ranks among the leading international consulting firms.

The firm’s first offices to operate were located in Washington, D.C., and soon enough the company maintained workplaces – architectural & engineering design offices – in New York, Athens, Cairo and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Moreover, marketing contact and administrative offices were located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Projects executed by the firm included:

  • Public Building

  • University Campuses

  • Tourist Complexes

  • Sports Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Industrial Installations

  • Housing & Community Facilities

  • Ports

  • Roads & Bridges

  • Communication Systems

  • Military Cantonments

The broad experience and expertise gained since its foundation, allowed BASIL to set the basis for today’s competitive presence in Constructions field.



  • BASIL through its 60 years of presence in Greece has acquired a vast knowledge of the local market and the services that are available.
  • Our highly experienced personnel has a recognized background in both Design as well as Construction which allows us to integrate both successfully.
  • BASIL’S core personnel have been working together on similar projects for over 15 years, thus ensuring strong and stable alliances that are highly beneficial to the welfare and successful completion of each project.
  • BASIL encourages the separation of each project into specific categories / divisions, in order for the most qualified professionals to deal directly with all matters related to their expertise and have full responsibility and control, to ensure the optimal outcome for each project.
  • BASIL has a substantial number of foreign clients that rely on the company’s expertise in order to undertake major projects in Greece.
  • BASIL is among the first companies to become involved in the privatization of national property and the acquisition of the necessary JMD.
  • BASIL is confident and accustomed to working in consortiums and joint ventures, thus ensuring that each one’s role is clearly defined in order to deliver projects in the most efficient and smoothest manner.