Technical Due Diligence is the process of systematic review, analysis and investigation of a specific property, in which a prospective purchaser, resident or financier gathers information about its physical characteristics in order to have a clear assessment of the risks associated with it and any possible transaction.

At Frank E. Basil, we understand the property industry’s need for a quality Technical Due Diligence report and realize the impact it could have, regarding risk assessment, on a future investment. Our detailed report gives our clients a complete overview of the current condition, the facilities and design of a property and goes even further by analyzing and evaluating potential risks.

The investigation, collected data evaluation and reporting is carried out by Basil’s engineers. In several cases, when further investigation and analysis is needed, Basil associates with qualified professionals from a variety of sectors like specialized engineers, legal and financial consultants in order to achieve the best outcome and protect its client’s assets and investments.

Basil’s Technical Duel Diligence Report consists of a number of individual reports, each addressing a different area of a project. Depending on the project’s needs, the report includes our investigation and analysis findings on any, or all of the following subjects:

  • Property Description
  • Inspection Access Limitations
  • Building Structure
  • Building Fabric
  • Building Services
  • Environmental
  • Sustainability
  • Town Planning
  • Floor Space Ratio, Car Parking Ratio and Efficiency
  • Statutory Compliance Review
  • Heritage Significance
  • Tax Depreciation / Capital Allowances
  • Identification Surveys
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessment
  • Capital Expenditure Forecasts
  • Operational Expenditure Assessment