Project Management

• Full description of the project to be given to the engineering (design) team
• Preparation of the master time schedule
• Establishment of document control system
• Preparation of a Project Quality Assurance Program
• Preparation of a Project HSSE Assurance Program
• Preparation of the tender documents and procedures for the designers
• Recommendation for the preferred bidder
• Check & control of all discipline studies compatibility in interrelation between them
• Check and control of the design constructability
• Preparation of the construction tender documents
• Handling of the tender procedure
• Tenders technical & financial evaluation and recommendation of the preferred bidder
• Updating of the master time schedule and milestones during the construction
• Quality assurance auditing
• HSSE assurance auditing
• Preparation of all needed documentation for the contractor’s claims successful rebuttal
• Delivery of the project

Construction Management

• Preparation of the detailed construction time schedule
• Cash Flow forecasting
• Preparation of the site organization master plan
• Preparation of the site facilities
• Separation of the project in minor sub works and subcontracts
• Preparation of the needed tender documents as well as the needed specifications of each subcontract and purchase
• Tender procedures handling
• Recommendation to the owner after evaluation for the preferred bid of each subcontract and each purchase
• Follow up of the performance of each contractor
• Procurement documentation
• Contract administration
• Receipt of the purchased materials after quality control acceptance
• Preparation of monthly certification of each contractor and/or purchase
• Preparation of a full monthly progress report
• Project Delivery

Cost Management

• Preparation of Bills of Quantities
• Budgeting
• Cost analysis based on the architectural drawings, engineering estimates, material required & labour involved
• Value engineering
• Pricing & negotiation
• Cost control

Technical Due Diligence

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• Property Description
• Building Structure
• Building Fabric (roofs, facades & interiors)
• MEP Installations
• External Areas
• Statutory Compliance Review
• Environmental Issues
• Town Planning
• Sustainability
• Heritage Significance
• Identification Surveys

Health, Safety & Environmental Protection

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• Development and application of a Health and Safety Plan according to the procedures and specifications laid out in Greek Legislation for worksites
• A reporting system for all accidents/incidents are recorded. Everything is investigated and reported immediately
• Development and application of an Emergency Reaction Plan
• Contractor’s site safety methodology scrutinised on a regular basis
• Management and coordination of site security issues
• Confirmation that every contractor complies with worksite regulations
• Inspection of the worksite and contractors’ activities and application of corrective actions where such are deemed necessary