Project Description

Tourist Development in Kassiopi, Corfu

The project is aimed at the optimal use of the estate and consists of the development and operation of a recreational and tourist village in the Erimitis location, at the northeastern tip of Corfu Island.
The project is developed on a state ownership plot of land, extended on a mass surface of 450.000 m2. The claim of the property has been granted by the government for a 99- years- period of time.

This extensive project is allocated to the following sub-projects: 5* luxury – hotel unit, tourist residences, facilities such as restaurant, shops etc., optimum exploitation of the existing reserve windmill, tourist port facility, new internal road network providing access to various locations within the complex, as well as parking lot.

Also includes: desalination plant, a complete waste disposal and rainwater collection network, biological purification plant with a capacity of 300 m3/ day, irrigation network and fire brigade station, Μ/V network with four sub-stations, fiber optic network and finally projects to upgrade and reserve the forest area and the existing small wetlands.

NCH Capital
Location: ‘Erimitis’, Cassiopi Corfu, Greece
Project type: Development & operation of a tourist village
Services: Project Management, Coordination with Public Sector
Budget: 140.000.000 €
Buildable area: 38.000 m2
Time: 2013 – 2016